Flag Overview

Flag, Tackle and Cheer requires serious commitment from the players and their families. Unlike any other youth sports, our program requires participants to dedicate themselves for their entire season starting August 1 and concluding potentially in late October or early November with our end-of-season Bowl games. Flag families must understand that although their season is not as rigorous as tackle or cheer, their participation is key to the team which they are part of. Since flag teams are drafted with fewer players each family must work collectively for their team’s season success. Families are encouraged to help by volunteering, from snack to field duties, each contribution makes the season experience that much better for not only your own player but all the players in our Flag program.

The Flag Football program that South Bay Youth Football & Cheer offers is a great way to introduce the game of football to our youngest participants as well as offers a sound alternative to tackle for families who would prefer a non-contact sport. Our Flag program is appropriate for boys and girls ages 5-8 years old. The weight and age chart for the flag football program requires all players weigh less than 100 pounds.  The age of the participant on 31 July of Playing Year is the reference age for the season. 

Minimum Maximum End of Season Maximum
Flag (Cub)







Flag Football Registration $225 Registration for Cub Division
Flag Equipment Deposit $100 Equipment Deposit
(Check held pending equipment return)

League uniform of the flag jersey, pants and belt (to be returned at the end-of-season), pictures and, trophies. Additionally, registration fees offset the costs including, but not limited to, uniform reconditioning, practice and game day fields, referees and, EMT costs for season, etc.

No requests due to carpooling, friends, etc. are accepted for placement or movement between teams or squads.  The placement of participants is solely at the discretion of the Association.
Cancellation Fees:

March-July: $75 cancellation fee, balance returned

Aug 1st – Aug 5th: $150 cancellation fee, balance returned

Beginning August 1, our Flag season starts with a minimum of 10 players per team that will practice 3x per week at Perry Park. After Labor Day, Flag teams reduce to practicing 2x per week with games being played on Saturdays. Games are played 8 on 8.

Our Cub Division (ages 5-7) will have an opportunity to play cities within the Los Angeles County Pop Warner.